Republican state lawmakers file articles of impeachment against Ohio governor, claim ‘abuses of power’ during COVID

Governors around the United States have taken fire for weeks over new COVID-19 lockdown measures that critics say are killing businesses and taking away vital jobs from hardworking American citizens.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) is now facing actionable backlash on the heels of his controversial lockdown orders, as Republican legislators in the state have filed 12 articles of impeachment against him, Cleveland19 reported.

Why impeachment?

The group of Republican state lawmakers behind the impeachment attempt, including Reps. John Becker, Candice Keller, Nino Vitale, and Paul Zeltwanger, argue that DeWine overstepped his authority during the COVID-19 pandemic, even threatening to veto bills that would have limited his gubernatorial powers.

As reported by Breitbart, Becker drafted the articles of impeachment against DeWine in August, citing the governor’s various “abuses of power” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Becker accused DeWine of treating businesses unfairly, claiming he “weaponized the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to bully and harass businesses and the people.”

“Governor DeWine’s mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, abuse of power, and other crimes include, but are not limited to, meddling in the conduct of a presidential primary election, arbitrarily closing and placing curfews on certain businesses, while allowing other businesses to remain open,” a statement from Becker’s office read.

According to Cleveland19, Becker also slammed DeWine for his treatment of churches during the pandemic and blamed DeWine for a statewide increase in suicides, unemployment and drug and alcohol abuse.

Ugly fight ahead

The Ohio House of Representatives has the power to launch the impeachment process, which is then voted on in the state Senate where two-thirds of the senators would need to vote in favor in order to convict DeWine.

DeWine made headlines early on in the pandemic by defying President Donald Trump by being one of the first Republican governors to issue harsh restrictions in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus.

At the time, he drew criticism from the president for his actions.

According to NBC News, DeWine dismissed news of articles of impeachment against him and affirmed that he’s staying the course in his efforts to control the surge of COVID-19 cases in his state.

“I guess they have a right to go and file anything they want to, but you know, we’re going to stay focused on what we have to,” DeWine said while defending his mask mandates and other restrictions.

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