New Hampshire Republican Party slams Harris for visiting the state instead of the southern border

Though she was appointed by President Joe Biden some 30 days ago as the administration official tasked with tackling the immigration influx at the U.S. southern border, Vice President Kamala Harris continues to be mostly absent on the border crisis.

According to Fox News, partisan backlash over her absence on the issue is growing rapidly, with the latest group to take shots at her lack of action being the New Hampshire Republican Party. The organization slammed Harris for her recent visit to the New England state, telling her she was visiting the “wrong border.” 

What happened?

Harris, who recently visited New Hampshire for the first time since 2019, was not received well by the state’s top Republicans, who, like many others in the party, are concerned at Harris’ seeming disinterest in making an appearance at the southern border.

The New Hampshire GOP officials first panned Harris for visiting the state in what appeared to be a campaign boost for Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), who faces stiff reelection competition for next year’s midterm elections.

In a tweet Sunday, the New Hampshire GOP blasted Harris for taking time to visit a state that borders with Canada and not one of the southern U.S. states facing deteriorating circumstances related to the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants.

Though Harris has said that she plans on visiting the southern border, a spokeswoman for the vice president said in late March that she has no plans to make the trip “in the near future,” according to the Associated Press.

“They want strong leadership”

In a blistering statement sent to Fox News, New Hampshire GOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek said Harris’ trip to the Granite State appeared to be focused on helping out Hassan, a fellow Democrat, when she should be focusing on the horrors unfolding in at the southern border.

“Vice President Kamala Harris would serve our nation better by tackling the crisis at our southern border instead of campaigning with Maggie Hassan near our northern border,” Stepanek wrote.

Stepanek pointed out that the vice president had promised the residents of his state that she would help fix the “inhumane” activities at the border that were occurring under the administration of former President Donald Trump.

“Now Harris returns almost two years later, but how will she answer to these same individuals, while blatantly ignoring the crisis she’s been specifically charged to handle? Granite Stater’s don’t want another photo-op, they want strong leadership and accountability,” Stepanek said.

Over the past week, several high-profile Republican lawmakers have criticized Harris’ inaction on the border, including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who asked on Twitter over the weekend when the “border czar” actually plans to visit the border.

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