Republican group demands Joe Biden call on CBP head Chris Magnus to resign for failure to perform

Republicans are demanding that President Joe Biden call on Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus to resign for failing to perform his duties.

A group of Republicans led by Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) sent a letter to the President demanding Magnus resign after it was revealed that he has failed to attend White House meetings on the border crisis. Those allegations were confirmed by five current Biden administration officials who work with Magnus.

Magnus clearly doesn’t care to do his job and isn’t focused on solving the border crisis. Dereliction of duty is a serious problem and President Biden must call on Magnus to resign or be complicit in Magnus’s negligence.

Holding the Biden admin accountable

The crisis at the southern border has been allowed to go on for far too long. Millions of illegal immigrants have poured across the southern border and swamped southern states struggling to recover from the pandemic.

The Biden administration has a responsibility to at least pretend like they intend to solve the problem.

Chris Magnus’s failure to even attend meetings on the crisis and his general lack of engagement makes it clear that he isn’t even trying.

A statement from Representative Hice read, “Based on a recent report by Politico, U.S. CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus has been sleeping on the job – literally. It is unacceptable for someone in such a critical position to skip high-level meetings because of his sleep schedule. America’s top border official is prioritizing naps over national security. Magnus has been snoring through the skyrocketing border crossings since he got the job. Under his supervision, we’ve seen record-breaking border crossings month after month.”

Magnus may only be a symptom of the real sickness but taking him out forces President Biden to make a hard choice.

Hice’s statement continued by saying, “My colleagues and I demand President Biden act swiftly to ensure that the border crisis is overseen by an engaged official who demonstrates competent leadership to address such a complicated issue. U.S. CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus needs to resign. Our nation’s top border official must be focused on ending the border crisis, not naptime.”

Just one week before the election, President Biden needs to decide between handing Republicans a win or further tying himself to the crisis at the border.

Terrible timing for Democrats

Magnus’s problem comes at the worst time possible. Democrats are losing on all fronts going into the midterm elections, and this problem is going to draw voters’ attention to the southern border.

The President’s border policy has been lost amidst outrage about inflation and the stagnating economy. Democrats cannot afford Americans thinking about the southern border with the midterm elections under a week away.

If Republicans win control of the House and Senate, Magnus will likely find himself out of a job.

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