Republican Congressman Sean Duffy to resign from office

On Monday, Republicans found out they have yet another congressional seat they will need to fill come election day.

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) announced he is resigning his seat to spend more time at home with his family.

Family Medical Issues

Rep. Duffy and his wife are about to welcome their ninth child into the world. Sadly, the baby has already been diagnosed with a heart condition.

In order for his wife to not have to care for the baby on her own when the congressman is in D.C. or on the road, he has made the difficult decision to resign his office to help at home.

While Duffy did not go into detail as to the nature of the problem, he did emphasize the child will need extra care.

Duffy’s resignation is more than unexpected. Over the last few months, numerous Republicans have announced they will not be running for office in the next election.

Many of these Republicans as well as the Republicans that retired in 2018 are not exactly fans of the president. Duffy, however, has been a staunch supporter throughout President Donald Trump’s time in office.

While it is more than likely another Republican will win this seat, we have no idea how loyal this individual will be to Trump and his agenda.

Regaining Control of the House

As we have all seen over the course of the last 18 months, Democrat control is extremely dangerous and harmful for this country.

The slew of Republican retirements and resignations is only going to make this battle harder to win. Democrats have refused to work with Trump in any way, shape, or form during this administration. In fact, they have tried to block Trump at every turn.

After regaining the House of Representatives, Democrats immediately opened up investigations in an effort to try to impeach Trump, all to no avail. However, that has not stopped Democrats from continuing to pursue these efforts.

While we wish Rep. Duffy and his family the best, we must also insist that a Trump-friendly candidate step up to take his seat so our country can move forward rather than stand still for another two years.

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