Republican congressman seeks ‘documents and communications’ from Hunter Biden’s art dealer

A Republican congressman from Kentucky wants answers about Hunter Biden’s latest business ventures.

According to The Daily Wire, U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, wrote a letter to New York art dealer George Berges seeking clarification on how he’s ensuring that those who purchase art created by the president’s son aren’t getting special treatment from the White House.

The congressman suggested that if the buyers are, it would be in violation of federal ethics rules.

“Biden’s business ventures”

“For years, Mr. [Hunter] Biden has attempted to profit off his father’s position in government, and the art deals are merely the latest iteration of these efforts,” Comer wrote in his letter to Berges.

“The investigation into Mr. [Hunter] Biden’s business ventures, and those who have aided him in his dubious endeavors, has been ongoing for over two years, and, if necessary, will continue into the next Congress,” the Republican added.

Comer said the American people would likely have a hard time believing that Hunter Biden has abandoned all of his (financially rewarding) prior careers — including attorney, lobbyist, and alleged foreign oil and gas advisory expert — in order to pursue his newfound passion for art.

As such, the congressman is demanding that the art dealer turn over all relevant documents and communications regarding the president’s son’s art sales to the Oversight Committee.

“The documents requested from you will inform and are pertinent to our oversight of any attempts to seek improper influence with the Biden Administration by anonymous benefactors, and understanding the process you are purportedly undertaking to shield the Administration from any influence by those procuring Mr. [Hunter] Biden’s art,” Comer said.

“Additionally, your documents and information could inform legislation related to ethics regulations,” he added.

Not the first time

The New York Post reported that this is actually the second letter requesting documents that Rep. Comer has sent to Berges. The first, sent on Sept. 7, received no response.

In his most recent letter, Comer asked for “all documents and communications” between Berges and Hunter Biden, and the Biden White House, as well as anything related to price-setting, a copy of the “ethics guidelines” created by the art gallery in conjunction with the White House, a list of everyone who has attended showings of Hunter Biden’s art, and a list of those who had already purchased some of it.

It remains to be seen if Berges will respond to the Comer’s request for transparency, or if the committee will have to resort to issuing subpoenas — something that almost certainly won’t occur until Republicans are once again in the majority in Congress’ lower chamber.

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