Republican candidate found dead in brothel

Democrats in Las Vegas, NV woke up this week to find out a popular, but polarizing Republican candidate had died.

Dennis Hof, a Republican state assemblyman candidate, died in his sleep after celebrating his 72nd birthday earlier this week.

Not the Ideal Candidate

Hof was not exactly the ideal candidate for Republicans to get behind.

Some of you may remember his name from the HBO series, Cat House.

Hof was the owner of the Bunny Ranch, among other brothels, in Nevada.

His antics were well-known and he made no secret about his sexual indiscretions with the girls that worked at his properties.

In addition to being a professional pimp, Hof was also recently accused of rape and human trafficking, charges he was facing during his run for office.

Even with all of those challenges, Hof still won the primary election back in June.

He actually cited Trump as his inspiration for running, calling Trump his “Christopher Columbus” for politics.

Last Night

Hof died shortly after his birthday party, which doubled as a campaign rally, so there were some rather interesting guests at the event.

Among the guests were Heidi Fleiss, the former Hollywood Madam; Ron Jeremy, a famous adult film star; and former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Jeremy, in fact, is reportedly the person that found Hof dead in his room.

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Jeremy also stated Hof did not drink or do any drugs during his birthday celebration, so his death does not appear to have any extenuating circumstances.

Still, his death is still under investigation by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

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