Report: Republican attorneys general preparing legal challenges to fight Biden executive orders

Given the virtual deadlock in both chambers of Congress, fighting President Joe Biden’s agenda is a battle that will need to be fought by high-powered Republicans at the state level.

According to the Daily Caller, a number of Republican attorneys general are preparing to do just that,  and are gearing up to wage legal war against several of Biden’s executive actions that he signed in his first few months in office. 

“Sharpening the pencils”

Louisiana Attorney General and former Republican Attorneys General Association Chairman Jeff Landry is already spearheading two lawsuits against policies put in place by the Biden administration.

“We are sharpening the pencils and filling up the inkwells,” Landry told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding that he expects a number of legal successes against the administration in the coming months.

In just the past three months since entering the White House, the Biden administration has been forced to legally defend a number of executive actions on climate change, taxation, immigration, and energy, as Republican attorneys general continue to slap the administration with lawsuits to protect their states from Biden’s onslaught of progressive policy.

“When you step in on day one and start issuing edicts and executive orders like King George, I and a lot of other conservative Republicans are going to start having problems,” said Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, according to the Daily Caller.

Knudsen suggested that due to the partisan gridlock within the halls of Congress, Republican AG’s are the last line of legal defense to protect the rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution.

Biden sets records

The 46th president has been widely panned by Republicans and some media critics for the unbelievable number of executive orders he signed within his first few months of being in the White House. As a matter of fact, Biden signed more executive orders in 48 hours than former President Donald Trump did in two months.

Biden’s 38 signed executive orders within his first 11 weeks in the White House even makes former President Barack Obama look stingy, who only signed 18 in the same time frame when he first took office.

The largest coalition of Republican attorneys general taking legal action came in March when 21 states banded together to wage legal war against Biden’s job-killing cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline permits — a legal battle that is still pending.

Most recently, a band of 13 states, led by West Virginia, mounted a legal challenge against the U.S. Treasury Department over language in the recently-passed COVID-19 relief bill that prohibits states from slashing tax rates after receiving funds allocated by the relief bill.

While it’s not unusual for states represented by the opposing party to take legal issue with a new administration’s policies and bills, this time around, it’s a whole new ballgame.

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