Republican activist found dead in his hotel room with plastic bag on his head

There may be more to the story than originally reported regarding the death of a Hillary Clinton investigator.

Peter Smith, a Republican activist, died of an apparent suicide in May 2017 — but there may be much more to the story.

Suicide or Murder

By all accounts, Peter Smith had no reason to take his life.

Quite the contrary, in fact. Smith was a Republican activist with a new purpose in life.

Smith had been revitalized by the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

He was one of the financiers trying to get Clinton’s emails publicized so the American people would know the truth.

But on May 14, 2017, the 81-year-old activist was found dead in his hotel room.

Smith did not take an overdose of pills, nor did he try to hang himself.

Instead, we are being expected to believe that Smith put a black plastic bag over his head to asphyxiate himself.

In an effort to find the truth, investigators have interviewed his close personal friends numerous times.

According to new reports, sources have stated there is far more to this story than meets the eye.


The timing of his death is what has everyone scratching their head.

Less than two weeks prior to his death, Smith had given an in-depth interview about his quest for Clinton’s emails.

There is also the scene of his “suicide,” which seemed far too neat for those that knew him best.

Smith had reportedly gathered his medical records, life insurance policy, as well as a suicide note to be discovered.

It just seemed as though everything was “packaged” so as not to question why he was committing suicide.

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That black plastic bag, though…

It just doesn’t seem likely someone like Smith would take his own life, let alone take it in such a brutal manner.

But we may never know the truth.

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