Reports: New York Times hit piece cleared Trump on Russia, other allegations

The New York Times published another hit piece on President Donald Trump this week, this time focusing on his tax returns.

The problem for those on the left, however, is that according to a pair of journalists, the Times’ report showed that any bombshell revelations the Democrats were hoping would be revealed in Trump’s returns — such as financial ties to Russia or him somehow benefitting financially from his presidency — simply do not exist.


First, is anyone surprised that someone — likely with an ax to grind — leaked the president’s tax returns to the media?

Those on the left have continually tried to use leaks like these to take down the president, but so far, nothing has stuck.

And the publication of Trump’s tax returns is no exception. This really is a big nothing-burger, even though the media is trying to portray it as some kind of “walls are closing in” moment.

What we do know from these returns is that Trump’s businesses are suffering — but that was largely known already.

We also learned that Trump took full advantage of the tax laws to keep as much of his money as possible, which is just common sense. Who wants to pay the IRS a dime more than is legally required?

Nothing illegal

While anyone can question Trump’s business practices and his personal money management, there is nothing the Times‘ report can point to in the returns that is actually illegal. In fact, the newspaper even admits the returns will leave “many questioners unfulfilled.” It was a point brought up on Sunday by The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam.

Additionally, those questioning Trump’s business abilities do not seem to understand how the tax game works for business owners, a point Jeff Carlson of The Epoch Times was all too happy to make.

So, once again, instead of concentrating on real issues, this hit piece will dominate the news cycle, which is exactly what The New York Times wanted. In all probability, the paper held onto the report until right before the debates, so that Tuesday’s debate moderator, Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, could use it to embarrass Trump. And it’s all but guaranteed that Wallace will oblige.

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