Reporters complain about being left waiting, excluded during Biden’s Europe trip

The corporate media is increasingly finding out that, as much as they may prefer President Joe Biden to his predecessor, President Donald Trump, it was easier for them to do their job under the previous president than under the current one.

That conclusion became starkly evident for some reporters during Biden’s multi-day trip to Europe, where they were denied access to certain meetings, kept waiting long hours for brief and choreographed press conferences, pushed around by foreign reporters and security with no help, and snapped at by the purportedly compassionate president.

Excluded from Biden-Erdogan summit

Members of the U.S. press pool accompanying Biden on the Europe trip complained on social media after they were excluded from Biden’s bilateral meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, Fox News reported.

In fact, after having been kept waiting hours for the meeting to start, the reporters learned that it was already well underway after Turkish officials and the Turkish media began to publish photos, videos, and reports of what was occurring behind closed doors and out of sight of the American press.

White House Bureau Chief for The Washington Post, Ashley Parker, even noted in a tweet that U.S. reporters had received “less access than under previous administrations” — that would include Trump — and were forced to rely on updates from the Turks.

Likewise, senior White House correspondent for CBS News Ed O’Keefe complained online about the excessive wait time for U.S. reporters following “significant access issues” during the G7 summit over the weekend.

According to a post from Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire, the American reporters were eventually let into the room briefly, only to be met by silence and then a snarky response from Biden to a question, at which point the reporters were quickly ushered back out of the room.

Pushed around with no help

Meanwhile, when U.S. reporters did gain access to Biden at certain points during the trip, they found that his availability had been carefully scripted by the president’s team, as Biden admitted himself on several occasions, according to the New York Post.

The president was heard remarking multiple times over the weekend that he would “get in trouble” with his staffers if he strayed from a prepared list of pre-selected reporters to call on or answered too many questions.

During Biden’s Wednesday summit in Switzerland with Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. reporters were again left to fend for themselves against pushy Russian reporters and Russian and Swiss security who were physically preventing them from gaining access to the meeting room, according to the Daily Mail.

Insulting a reporter

During Biden’s press conference following the meeting, the president snapped at and berated CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins for asking a question about his apparent change in his assessment of Putin — though he later apologized for being a “wise guy” before boarding Air Force One to return home.

American reporters may not have liked Trump or what he had to say, but there is little denying that they had far more access far more often to him than to Biden, and no longer can they claim that they have received better treatment from Biden and his team than they received from Trump.

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