New York Times reporters allege Brett Kavanaugh agreed to be interviewed for bombshell story

The New York Times is ramping up its efforts to recover from a controversial story on Brett Kavanaugh, according to the Daily Mail.

In an effort to deflect from the negative coverage, the “journalists” who wrote the story are now claiming that Kavanaugh agreed to be interviewed — as long as the reporters did not admit they talked to him.

More Fake News

Last week, the Times broke a major story in its opinion section that was pitched as “new” information about the allegations that have been made against Brett Kavanaugh since prior to his confirmation.

The piece was centered around a new, first-hand account of alleged sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh and recounted a story by one of the justice’s former classmates, Max Stier.

Stier told the reporters that after some urging, Kavanaugh exposed himself to a female classmate.

What the publication did not include, however, was that the alleged victim refused to be interviewed, and her friends said she had no such recollection of the event ever having taken place. The Times later issued a correction making this apparent — but it was too late.

National Review’s John McCormack called the omission “one of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice in recent memory.”

Don’t Quote Me

With that in mind, the reporters who wrote the story made an attempt to deflect some of the heat they are receiving on their story. On Wednesday, co-authors Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly claimed that Justice Kavanaugh himself agreed to be interviewed as long as the two of them would not acknowledge that they talked to him.

They could not agree to his stipulation, they say, so they did not interview him.

This is being made out as a way to roast Kavanaugh — but what Kavanaugh did is very common practice when journalists are doing background reporting. Virtually every major story written includes quotes attributed to anonymous contributors who speak to reporters “off the record.”

For his part, President Donald Trump has recommended that Kavanaugh sue to paper for libel — a suggestion that was echoed by Fox News contributor Andrew Napolitano, who rarely supports Trump.

Of course, this is but one gaffe in a recent string of missteps for the Times, a publication that is both clearly floundering and clearly biased as we ramp up for the 2020 election. What next?

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