Washington Post reporter slams Sean Hannity in scathing op-ed

Erik Wemple seems to have a major problem with Sean Hannity.

The Washington Post opinion writer devoted his entire column this week to calling out Hannity for what Wemple called one-sided reporting and hypocrisy on the Fox host’s part.

The Shady Mueller Team

When Robert Mueller’s team of investigators was first announced, it didn’t take long for pundits to notice that it was full of Never-Trumpers.

Indeed, it was hard to find a single member of the team who didn’t donate to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign — or one of her fellow Democrats.

This is why Hannity said, at the time, that Mueller’s team was incapable of delivering an unbiased report.

To this end, during an interview with President Donald Trump after Mueller’s report was submitted and summarized by the attorney general, Hannity admitted that the special counsel’s final report shocked him.

But in his column, Wemple slammed Hannity for walking back his predictions.

“Hannity not only slimed Mueller’s team; he also slimed the very idea that people with political leanings — everyone, that is — could capably set them aside and participate in an investigation of a sitting president,” Wemple wrote. “As it turns out, they could.”

The columnist added:

“In the end,” said Hannity on his show, “we now know the truth.” Right — thanks to the people and institutions that Hannity slandered and weakened with his nightly rubbish.

News vs. Opinion

Fox News anchor Bret Baier recent addressed the issue that Wemple brought up, explaining that there’s quite a difference between Fox News channel’s opinion anchors and their news anchors.

Hannity is very much a show on opinion, and as such, the show’s namesake is entitled to take whatever position he chooses, however extreme. Despite this, when Hannity is wrong, he still owes it to his viewers to admit as much — which is exactly what he did in his recent talk with Trump.

But apparently, Wemple wasn’t satisfied with that.

Where was Wemple’s scrutiny when dozens of liberal talking heads preached collusion over the last two years?

The mainstream media has been touting a fake narrative for more than two years, and they were proven wrong. The difference between them and Sean Hannity is that they are still not admitting their errors.

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