Reporter shouts at Sarah Sanders after briefing

A member of the press has once again insulted Sarah Sanders on the national stage.

After Sanders left the podium early to attend a presidential event, Andrew Feinberg of Breakfast Media shouted out, “Do your job, Sarah!”


Things are happening today that would have never seemed possible or imaginable just a few short years ago.

It is hard to fathom reporters yelling out insults to a press secretary not just during the Obama administration, but during any administration.

Things have, of course, become heated at times, but there was still a level of professionalism.

Now, tempers are heating up and we have reporters from small-time publications questioning how Sarah Sanders does her job…

Rebuke from Reporters

While Feinberg showed no class at all during the brief press conference, several of his fellow reporters were not amused at his outburst.

Managing Editor for Newsbusters, Curtis Houck, stated, “This is yet another example of how the D.C. press want to have their cake and eat it too.”

Houck was referring to the fact press briefings today regularly “devolve into chaos,” so when Sanders limits access to prevent that from happening, they are still unhappy.

Reporter Jordan Schachtel also called out Feinberg.

Schachtel stated, “Your conduct was rude and extremely unprofessional.”

“It’s not your job to shout out to the WH Press Sec and tell her how to do her job,” he added.

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Members of today’s media establishment are rude and insulting, yet they expect Sanders to be at their beck and call and satisfy their every whim.

Keep doing your thing, Sarah. If they can’t act professionally, treat them like the children they are.

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