Report: What President Trump calls 'witch hunt' led by woman obsessed with witchcraft

February 23, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Amid a flurry of media appearances by the forewoman of the Georgia grand jury that investigated President Trump, an investigation that Trump has described as a "witch hunt," comes word that the project actually was led by a woman obsessed with witchcraft. Or at least someone willing to post ideas about spells and such online.

The publicity tour has been launched by Emily Korhs, who was picked to lead the citizen members of the grand jury, and she has been on various television and other shows giggling and contemplating how much fun it would have been to subpoena Trump.

In other words, doing exactly what a professional prosecutor would not want a grand jury member to be doing.

In fact, the Daily Caller News Foundation pointed out that former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani told Newsweek that the media tour "feeds into Trump's argument that the grand jury investigation is a political witch hunt by a Democratic district attorney and the left-leaning mainstream news media."

The Citizen Free Press has posted one of Korhs' performances online:

But it was the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom that explained if the investigation was, in fact, a "witch hunt," its leader's interests qualified.

Korhs, in fact, "has a wacky Pinterest page with collections of pinned magic spells and all things witchy," the publication reported.

It called her trips to appear on television "bizarre" and noted that her actions already are "causing headaches for prosecutors."

Especially after "she giggled during a televised interview with MSNBC when she said she 'kind of wanted' to subpoena Trump just to get the chance to swear him in," the report said.

The report said many of her social media accounts have since vanished, but her Pinterest page remained "with several collections of pins dedicated to Wicca and Witchcraft."

Fulton County's Democrats have been investigating Trump's alleged effort to "overturn" the results of the 2020 election.

Trump has called the case a "strictly political continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time." The investigation is just the latest version of the faked Russian collusion claims Democrats and the FBI made against him in 2016, and the multiple failed impeach-and-remove attempts orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi.

The report said Kohrs, online, has pins that "give instructions for magic spells while others list herbs and other supplies for the spells." Her page also has posts dedicated to magic, casting spells, and more.

The Daily Mail said, "Kohrs lives in Georgia and has previously been employed as a scheduling coordinator at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting LLC, according to her LinkedIn page and at JOANN Fabrics, according to her Facebook page, which shows the 30-year-old in photos dating back for years with her family and friends."

The report confirmed, "One post pinned to her Pinterest page gives details on what books to read and how to practice Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism." One is labeled "Witchcraft Knowledge."

The report noted concerns expressed by former federal prosecutor Elie Hoing, who said the media appearances were a "horrible ideal."

"Mark my words, Donald Trump's team is going to make a motion if there's an indictment to dismiss that indictment based on grand jury impropriety," he said. "She's not supposed to be talking about anything, really."

The Daily Caller News Foundation explains that several legal experts warned Kohrs' conduct could harm the legal case.

"Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz told the DCNF she could be jeopardizing the validity of potential indictments in the case," the report said.

She admitted to CNN that she would "be sad if nothing happens" to Trump.

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Ilya Shapiro called her media tour “highly unusual.”

“It’s unclear whether Kohrs violated her secrecy oath—from what I’ve seen, her discussion of the decision not to call Trump as a witness was the most questionable item—but still this kind of publicity will throw the legal process following any indictments into disarray,” Shapiro said in the report.

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