Report: Study suggests Johnson & Johnson vaccine could increase risk for rare but serious blood clots

A new study out of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, seems to suggest that getting Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine for COVID-19 could increase a patient’s risk of developing a rare but serious blood clot.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that researchers at the facility found those who received the Johnson & Johnson shot were as much as 3.5 times more likely to develop brain blood clots than “an average person before the pandemic.”

The researchers cited data compiled before COVID-19 first made its mark on the world as well as qualitative data from vaccine recipients who reported their own side effects.

In context

According to the Daily Mail, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), a rare and deadly kind of blood clotting, “is a well-known side-effect of the J&J vaccine, and the discovery of this risk was the reason usage of the vaccine was paused in April” for a brief period.

“However,” the Daily Mail‘s report adds, the researchers say “the risk is rare and that the findings must be looked at in the context of the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing severe cases COVID-19.”

Either way, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this new information swept under the rug by many in the mainstream media. Mainstream journalists have been vigorously pushing vaccines on the American public, and potentially deadly side effects aren’t going to end their crusade.

Vaccine mandates

It will likely also do little to sway the Biden administration, which is continuing to push vaccine mandates even as cases of the coronavirus have been on the decline.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the president’s “vaccine mandate for private-sector businesses with 100 or more workers — and details on how the requirement will work — will likely be released later this week.”

President Joe Biden is also hoping to mandate the vaccine for federal contractors, the Journal notes — much to the chagrin of Republicans.

Let the voters decide

The question of mandatory vaccines even become a major issue in this week’s gubernatorial race in Virginia, where Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has blasted his Democrat opponent, Terry McAuliffe, for supporting such orders.

“[McAuliffe] wants employers to fire employees who don’t get the vaccine,” Youngkin said at a debate in late September, according to the Associated Press.

While Youngkin himself is vaccinated, he believes it should be every Virginian’s right to decide for themselves whether to roll up their sleeves for the shot. It’s a shame more politicians across the country don’t feel the same way.

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