Report: Some male Afghan refugees are bringing child ‘brides’ to intake centers

In the wake of President Joe Biden’s botched U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in a complete takeover by Taliban terrorists, a new and greatly concerning issue is emerging.

According to the Associated Press, there are new worries that in the mad rush to evacuate as many people from the country as possible, a number of older Afghan men have reportedly brought with them to the United States their “brides,” or girls they’ve enslaved for sexual abuse purposes, who might well be underage. 

Those worries are in addition to mounting concerns regarding the backgrounds of the tens of thousands of Afghans that have been flown onto U.S. soil in the past two weeks.

What’s going on?

In recent days, a number of older Afghan men have attempted to present young women accompanying them as “brides,” but as officials in several arrival facilities, including Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin, have already discovered that the “brides” are young girls.

While marrying children in third-world countries like Afghanistan is shockingly common, the United States and other established countries have long forbidden such disturbing and inappropriate partnerships.

“Intake staff at Fort McCoy reported multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families,” an internal document obtained by AP says. “Department of State has requested urgent guidance.”

The problem is that Biden’s State Department, which is obviously overwhelmed with the new refugee mess they’ve created, doesn’t seem to be taking the issue as seriously as it should be taken, at least not yet.

Those in charge of the facilities where Afghan refugees undergo an intake process have claimed that they haven’t even received such documents.

It gets worse

Another internal document described to the AP by an official familiar with it, said that there are reports from a processing station in Abu Dhabi that says some Afghan girls “have alleged they have been raped by older men they were forced to marry in order to escape Afghanistan.

Therefore, it’s certainly not out of the question that the possibility exists that some of those same types of men have already landed in the United States.

While a large portion of the refugee influx is political in nature, which will give the Biden administration some level of shielding, the good news is that human and child trafficking issues rise far above politics. In other words, otherwise Biden-friendly outlets, such as the AP, are digging into such matters, which is paramount in order to investigate and root out the monsters that may already be on U.S. soil.

Only time will tell if more reports like this emerge from Biden’s foreign policy disaster, but it’s clear that the consequences of rushing tens of thousands of refugees to the U.S. have only just begun to be noticed.

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