Report: ‘significant number’ of Hispanic women in Texas to run for Congress as Republicans

It appears that the Democrats are going to be faced with a nightmare scenario in Texas later this year.

The Daily Caller reports that, in the midterm elections, Hispanic women are likely to be representing the Republican Party in several congressional races. 

The outlet reports that four Hispanic women have already won their GOP primaries, while two others have advanced to a runoff that will be held next month.

The Hispanic women include Mayra Flores, who is running for Texas’s 34th Congressional District, Carmen Maria Montiel, who is running for Texas’s 18th Congressional District, Monica de la Cruz, who is running for Texas’s 15th Congressional District, and Cassy Garcia, who is running for Texas’s 28th Congressional District.

“We’re the mothers”

It appears that at least part of the reason for this sudden rise in the number of Hispanic women representing the Republican Party is the alignment between the women’s beliefs and the party’s beliefs.

The Daily Caller, for example, quotes Flores as stating:

I was born in Mexico, raised with strong conservatives values. I love my traditions, love my culture, love my roots and I think that we should never forget that. Our values in the Hispanic community are just beautiful and I just want to make sure that our values don’t die and I just feel that … the Democratic party is … fighting against those values.

Montiel similarly said:

It’s the breaking of the family that is so important and dear for us Latinos and we came here, not only to have a better life but to have a better life for our children. The way that things are going, that’s not going to happen. We’re becoming more and more like the countries that we left.

Two big issues for the women include the southern border and education. They are campaigning as being against illegal border crossings and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools.


This comes following the gains that former President Donald Trump made with Hispanic voters in Texas during the 2020 presidential election. Trump not only made these gains in Texas but in other areas of the country as well.

Going into the midterms, the Democrats are looking to reverse this trend.

But, with the Republicans now having these women as candidates, it’s not going to be easy for the Democrats to do so.

These women have a strong message that resonates with their communities, and it’s not going to be an easy message for the Democrats to run against.

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