Report: Russian investigation was opened on false pretenses

The more experts dig into the Mueller report, the more it becomes apparent the entire investigation was launched on a fairy tale.

National Review editor Andrew McCarthy released a detailed report on Monday explaining once and for all how the entire Russian investigation appears to have been launched on false pretenses.

“The investigative theory on which the FBI formally opened the foreign-counterintelligence probe … on July 31, 2016, held that the Trump campaign knew about, and was potentially complicit in, Russia’s possession of hacked emails that would compromise Hillary Clinton; and that, in order to help Donald Trump, the Kremlin planned to disseminate these emails anonymously (through a third party) at a time maximally damaging to Clinton’s campaign,” McCarthy summarized.

The Emails

First off, the single source for the hacked emails part is low-level Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos — who was convicted for lying in this investigation by Mueller in 2017.

It was also Papadopoulos who was the source of the claim that Joseph Mifsud told him about Russia’s possession of the emails.

Mifsud was eventually brought in by the FBI to verify Papadopoulos’ story, which he denied. Mueller did not charge Mifsud with lying either, McCarthy notes.

He claimed no knowledge of the emails as alleged by Papadopoulos and denied being a Russian operative. That’s one down, one to go.

Russian Intentions

What exactly were Russia’s intentions?

According to media reports about Papadopoulos, it was to offer information on Hillary Clinton that could ruin her chances of becoming president.

The only problem with that assertation, though, was Papadopoulos apparently never said any such thing to anyone.

The NR report stated this was actually an assumption that was made by Australian diplomat Alexander Downer.

“Downer’s flawed assumption that Papadopoulos must have been referring to the hacked DNC emails was then inflated into a Trump–Russia conspiracy theory by Clinton partisans in the Obama administration — first at the State Department, and then in the Justice Department, the FBI, and the broader intelligence community — all agencies in which animus against Donald Trump ran deep,” McCarthy writes.

The report by National Review (which you can read here) is quite extensive and breaks down every aspect of the interaction between Papadopoulos and Downer as well as what he allegedly told the FBI and what really was said and happened.

If the report is accurate, there is little doubt Barr will reach the same conclusion as National Review in that this Russian investigation was a hoax right from the start.

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