‘Dropping like flies’: Report reveals staff complaints about ‘filthy’ conditions at migrant facility

President Biden’s immigration policies have been blamed for stoking an ongoing crisis along the nation’s southern border.

A new report, however, indicates that the conditions at some border facilities could be even worse than those that were widely condemned by Democrats during the Trump administrations.

“Opaque network”

Earlier revelations showed that thousands of undocumented immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, have been processed and housed in temporary shelters with insufficient resources and for extended periods.

At just one facility in Fort Bliss, Texas, which currently holds about 4,500 migrant children, anonymous staffers complained of “appalling” and “filthy” conditions, including a lack of necessities like clothing and medical care.

The shocking report also alleges inappropriate contact and relationships between staff and minors as well as between minors.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press detailed what it had uncovered about an “opaque network of some 200 facilities” in nearly two dozen states that hold a combined total of roughly 20,000 unaccompanied minors.

Most of the facilities are small, including some that consisted of a residential home with a handful of children. Others are larger, with a capacity in the hundreds and even more than 1,000. Conditions at such facilities are similarly varied, ranging from excellent to terrible.

“Babysitters and clerks”

Reason reported that documents and secret recordings point to the Fort Bliss facility as one of the more concerning locations.

As one anonymous federal employee at the facility told the outlet: “If you took a poll, probably about 98 percent of the federal workers here would say it’s appalling. Everybody tries in their own way to quietly disobey and get things done, but it can be difficult.”

About 750 federal employees and contractors provide care for roughly 4,500 migrant kids, with one of those staff members describing their duties as those of “babysitters and clerks.”

One secret recording included the assertion that workers were “dropping like flies” because the facility was expanding on a daily basis. An individual identified as a trainer can be heard warning of the “filthy” conditions inside.

Another employee denounced the strict rules for those working at the facility, explaining: “Secrecy is demanded at a  level that might be called for if we were designing the next generation of nuclear subs, and there is absolutely no reason for it. One can understand the need to protect the identities of individual children and not allow them to be photographed. But there is no excuse for any of the other secrecy surrounding the operation.”

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