Report reveals Putin’s ultimatum for the people of Mariupol, Ukraine

CNN just published a report detailing the ultimatum that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave to the residents of Mariupol. 

Mariupol is a southern port city in Ukraine. It has virtually been demolished by Russian troops in their attempt to seize Ukraine. The mayor of Mariupol has estimated that 90% of the city’s infrastructure has been either destroyed or damaged as a result of the Russian onslaught.

The even bigger tragedy, however, is what has been happening to the people of Mariupol. Reports have suggested that Russian troops have bombarded facilities where citizens were sheltering from the war.

Those who have not been killed and who have not managed to flee have been stuck in the city living in terrible conditions with barely any food or water to survive, let alone heat and electricity. CNN’s report details what is happening to these citizens.

Putin’s ultimatum

CNN, at the start of its report, takes readers back to mid-March, less than a month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine commenced.

The outlet reports:

It was mid-March and residents in Mariupol had spent weeks in freezing, damp basements, hiding from relentless Russian bombardment and fearing for their lives. Now, they were being told that to survive, there was only one way out: to Russia.

CNN adds: “If they didn’t leave they would die in the rubble, the Russian soldiers warned. They said they had little choice.”

CNN goes on to detail what has been happening to those Mariupol residents being “evacuated” by the Russians.

The “filtration centers”

According to CNN’s sources, the Russian troops have been taking Mariupol residents to “filtration centers” in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) located in eastern Ukraine. What happens in these “filtration centers?”

According to the Mariupol City Council, “the occupiers try to identify all potential witnesses to the occupiers’ atrocities through filtration camps and destroy them.”

Another CNN source is quoted as saying “Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agents confiscating passports and IDs, taking away cell phones, and separating Ukrainian families from one another.”

CNN goes on to provide first-hand accounts of what has been going on in Mariupol from residents. It is a tragic situation, to say the least.

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