Report reveals Colorado STEM school shooters’ backgrounds

What motivates a school shooter?

We may never know the answer to that question, but as far as the recent tragic school shooting in Colorado is concerned, America has finally learned a bit about the backgrounds of the suspects — including that one of them hated President Donald Trump.

The Suspects

Suspect Devon Erickson is going to be a nightmare for liberals.

He is an 18-year-old registered Democrat.

Additionally, his social media posts are filled with hateful remarks aimed at Christians.

While he chastises Christians, he seemed to be a public supporter of Barack Obama and his administration’s policies.

And as much as he supported Obama, he despised Donald Trump.

The second alleged shooter is a minor who has been identified as Alec McKinney, a transgender boy whose birth name was Maya McKinney.

The Narrative Twist

If these two students were conservative Christians, liberals would be all over them right now.

Instead, the narrative is already being promoted that Alec did not get the proper support he needed for alleged mental health issues.

Democrats should call this what it is: a disgusting act of violence.

But in the end, liberals are just going to blame Donald Trump for it.

What a surprise.

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