Report: Rep. Ilhan Omar used campaign funds for travel expenses of alleged boyfriend

To nobody’s surprise, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is involved in yet another controversy.

According to a new report, Rep. Omar used $21,547 to pay for travel for the E Street Group, a company run by Omar’s alleged lover.

More Campaign Fund Violations

Even since Omar has been elected to office, she has been mired in controversy. First, there were various campaign fund violations alleged. Then, Omar was hit with allegations that she married her brother to gain entrance to the United States.

Now, a second allegation of campaign finance fraud is being levied, but this is far more complex than the original claims made against the Minnesota lawmaker.

This allegation involves Tim Mynett, someone to whom Omar has been tied romantically. Mynett owns and runs E Street Group, an agency hired to provide consulting services to Omar during her congressional run.

Omar the Homewrecker

Rep. Omar was photographed with an unknown white male during a recent appearance. The couple was roughly 20 miles away from Omar’s appearance location and were reported to have been very “cozy” during their dinner.

That individual was later identified as Mynett. The political consultant has since been served divorce papers by his wife, Beth, who accused her husband of having a romantic affair with Omar in those filings.

She also stated that much of the travel billing Mynett was racking up actually had nothing at all to do with his work and everything to do with the alleged affair he is having with Rep. Omar.

The freshman congresswoman has denied the affair, which is to be expected, but these accusations by Beth Mynett are far worse than Omar being accused of being a homewrecker.

If the allegations by Beth Mynett about the travel are found to be true, this will be Omar’s second campaign finance violation in her first term in office.

She is clearly treating the campaign funds as her own personal piggy bank and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clearly needs to do more than just censure the leftist lawmaker.

Hopefully, the people of Minnesota can see the writing on the wall and vote Omar out of office in 2020, because the only interests she is looking out for are her own.

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