Report revisits former boyfriend’s fond memories of young Melania Trump

What was First Lady Melania Trump like before she rose to the top as the wife of now-President Donald Trump? Just ask her former boyfriend, Jure Zorcic.

The U.K.’s Express has published a report based largely on an ABC News interview from March of 2016 in which Zorcic shared recollections of his former girlfriend, then known as Melanija Knavs, whom he dated back in Slovenia. 

Chance meeting

Zorcic and Melania started dating in the summer of 1991. At the time, Melania was 21-years-old.

“We met each other like in a movie,” he said. “It was a hot summer day, in between wars in Slovenia. It was the beginning of a new political era for us, the city was empty, blocked by the army. I was on my motorbike, and she was walking down the street.”

Zorcic said that upon seeing Melania, he was taken aback by the impression she immediately made on him.

“As I passed by her,” he said, “I had a moment and thought, ‘Wow, who is this girl? She is so beautiful, I must turn back and follow her.’”

Fond memories

Zorcic did end up turning back for Melania. He asked her out, she accepted, and the two dated for several months.

“It was a bit of a shock when I met her,” he said. “She is very special, that’s the truth.”

For those who think that Melania’s elegance and charm are just part of a facade, think again. “I was impressed by her beauty from the very first moment,” said Zorcic. “She was very nicely dressed and her behaviour was classy.

According to Zorcic, Melania’s declared dream was to live a “life of fashion” abroad. As we all know, that is precisely what she ended up doing, before eventually marrying the future leader of the free world, Donald Trump.


Zorcic recalled that in 2000, he and Melania had a chance encounter in New York, at which time she told him that she “spent her time travelling between New York and Fort Lauderdale in Florida and that she would never go back to Slovenia.”

The now-first lady’s former suitor finally stated his belief that the marriage of Trump and Melania was guided by “fate,” adding, “Nobody believed 20 years ago that she would live at the top of the world, on Fifth Avenue in Trump Tower – even her!”

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