Report raises questions about possible forgery by Elijah Cummings’ staff

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was not dead for 24 hours before “theories” started popping up about some questionable signatures he’d recently penned on a few congressional subpoenas.

BizPac Review reports that when one signature from the late congressman was compared to other documents that had been signed by him, the penmanship was hardly similar, leading many to believe one of his staffers may have forged his signature.

Is it forgery?

The subpoenas in question were meant to block the removal of illegal immigrants who were suffering from severe medical problems.

Some have wondered whether Cummings really signed them, however, or if he was perhaps too ill to do so.

That speculation has prompted Twitter sleuths to do some digging, and quite a few people came up with various documents that were allegedly signed by Cummings, but that depicted a John Hancock that looked nothing at all like his normal signature.

Just a theory

Of course, given that Cummings passed away just days after many of these documents were allegedly signed, the congressman’s deteriorating health could have played a factor in his penmanship.

But where there are allegations of forgery, a full investigation is warranted.

Indeed, what if this is merely the act of some rogue staffer trying to paint a picture of a dedicated servant of the people who used his last breath to fight back against the evil that is Donald Trump?

Is that really so hard to believe?

Whether the allegations are true or not, it’s sad that such a controversy has to stain Cummings’ record so soon after his unfortunate death.

But wherever there are Democrats, you can bet there’s some shady business going on there. The Dems have proven that statement true time and time again.

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