Report from watchdog group may implicate Barack Obama in Hillary Clinton email scandal

Most conservatives believe former President Barack Obama did everything in his power to protect Hillary Clinton from facing criminal charges — and now we know why.

Obama’s FBI ratted the ex-president out, according to a report from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, revealing that tens of thousands of Clinton’s deleted emails were actually on file in the Executive Office of the President.

Covering for Hillary

In all honesty, President Obama should have asked the Justice Department to authorize a special counsel probe into Hillary Clinton.

That never happened, though, because Obama knew he would be implicated and such an investigation would rip his administration apart.

Instead, the FBI, led by James Comey, handled the investigation — and Comey hired agents who mostly supported Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump.

At no time was Hillary Clinton put under oath by the FBI to answer questions.

It was also discovered later that James Comey started writing a statement exonerating Clinton months before the investigation was completed.

It also later came to light that wording in Comey’s original draft was changed when it was discovered that terms the then-FBI director used could have implicated the former secretary of State.

Implicating Obama

Because of shady moves like these, Judicial Watch is in the middle of a case investigating the FBI and how this case was handled.

An FBI official testified that while they were searching for the emails Clinton had scrubbed, a significant amount of those emails were actually found on Obama’s computer. This would go against previous claims by Obama that he knew nothing about the situation.

While it is unlikely anyone will ever have the courage in our government to go after Obama, the optics on this are not good at all for the former president, who continues to claim to have had a scandal-free administration.

When Attorney General William Barr wraps up dealing with Robert Mueller’s report, his first piece of business needs to be to re-open the Clinton investigation and extend its reach to former President Barack H. Obama.

If he does, there is little doubt the American people will finally find out just how scandalous Obama’s administration really was.

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