Report: NSA reveals they ‘unmasked’ Tucker Carlson during intelligence gathering

Last month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made the bombshell revelation that he obtained proof that President Joe Biden’s National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on him — a claim that was written off by most in the media as conspiracy theory or a ratings ploy.

However, even after the secretive agency dismissed Carlson’s claims early on in a rare statement, it was revealed this week by The Record that the NSA did, in fact, “unmask” Carlson after his name was apparently mentioned by a third party in the course of gathering intelligence, the Daily Caller reported. 

“The NSA now admits that it unmasked Tucker’s identity after an intelligence intercept. By law, the identities of American citizens are concealed when they’re caught up during foreign intelligence gathering. They can only be unmasked in extraordinary circumstances,” Fox News host Mark Steyn said.

Steyn broke the news on Tucker Carlson Tonight during Friday night’s show, as Carlson was absent.

“Entirely unacceptable”

In The Record’s report, the left-leaning, cyber-security news outlet seemingly went to extraordinary efforts to downplay the fact that the NSA unmasked an American journalist, dismissing it as nothing more than a routine circumstance that occasionally happens during the course of intelligence gathering.

But the situation is far more serious, and that was made especially clear after Fox News released a statement on the disturbing development.

“For the NSA to unmask Tucker Carlson or any journalist attempting to secure a newsworthy interview is entirely unacceptable and raises serious questions about their activities as well as their original denial, which was wildly misleading,” the network’s statement read.

Fox was referring to what likely kickstarted the entire debacle, which was a result of Carlson attempting to secure the interview of a lifetime with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What’s next?

While most mainstream media outlets — print, television, and online — feverishly ran stories attempting to write Carlson off as a fringe, conspiracy lunatic for having the audacity to suggest that the NSA spied on him, some members of Congress are taking the matter extremely seriously.

According to The Hill, the situation quickly caught the attention of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who vowed to further investigate the matter.

“Given this disturbing trend, I’ve asked HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence] Ranking Member Devin Nunes to investigate and find answers on behalf of the American people. The NSA cannot be used as a political instrument, and House Republicans will ensure accountability and transparency,” McCarthy said at the time.

Perhaps in the wake of the latest report that the NSA unmasked the popular Fox News host, congressional Republicans will dig in deeper in an effort to find out why the NSA seems to have it out for Carlson and his show.

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