Report: Muslims pose threat to 'European civilization'

 February 24, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report published at The Gatestone Institute by Guy Milliere, a University of Paris professor, is warning that unless something significant changes, Muslims will be "the end of the European civilization as we know it."

He cited the results of a survey published by a French weekly, Le Journal du Dimanche. It found radical Muslims routinely are given platforms in France, 49% of French Muslims want Catholics to convert to Islam and 36%$ want churches made in mosques.

"France is a country where more than 70% of prison inmates are Muslim. According to reports, the crime rate among the Muslim population is high.... There are also more than two hundred rapes every day in France, most perpetrated by Muslim men who entered France illegally. Only 7% of illegal immigrants ordered to leave France are ever actually deported," he warned.

"If Europeans wish to avoid such a future and keep their culture, they need to start making that outcome unmistakably clear to everyone, not just by words but by actions. If not, what we are seeing could well mean the end of the European civilization as we know it," he said.

He continued citing the survey results: "The first question in the survey was about Jews. 17% of French Muslims admit that they hate Jews. 39% say they have a bad, or very bad, opinion of Judaism."

He pointed out, "France is the only country in 21st-century Europe where Jews regularly have been murdered simply because they are Jews. Since the kidnapping, torture, and murder of Ilan Halimi in January 2006, all Jews murdered in France have been killed by Muslims."

And he warned when it's Israel, "the results are even more disturbing."

"Feelings go beyond hatred. 45% of French Muslims say they want the destruction of Israel. An equivalent number of French Muslims define the massacre rape, torture, beheadings, and burning alive of Jews by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7, 2023, as an 'act of resistance'."

The stunning overview: "Almost half of a religious community in a Western democracy openly wants the destruction of a group of people who were just massacred in another country and the greatest number since the end of the Holocaust."

There should be, he said, alarm over the fact, that "so many French Muslims have sympathy for an organization whose leaders say that they will repeat the October 7 attack time and again until Israel is annihilated, and unabashedly state that they want the genocidal destruction of the only Jewish state."

Nearly half of French Muslims put their religious Shariah law above the nation's secular laws, even though the European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2003 that is incompatible with democratic values.

It's a threat that should be taken seriously, he said.

"France is one of the only countries in the Western world where men have been beheaded by radicalized Muslims. (The other is the United Kingdom, where two Muslims tried to behead British Soldier Lee Rigby in 2013.) Samuel Paty, a schoolteacher, was beheaded on October 16, 2020. Herve Cornara, a small business entrepreneur, was beheaded on June 26, 2015, in Romans-sur-Isère, a small town in the southeast of France. And Father Jacques Hamel had his throat slit and was beheaded on July 26, 2016, in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, while saying mass in an almost empty church" the report said.

Further, France has some 750 "no-go zones," where "Muslim gangs and radical imams are in charge. Non-Muslims can still live there, on the condition that they accept the status of dhimmi (tolerated second-class citizen), bow their heads, and admit that they live in a territory ruled by Islam," the professor wrote.

The report said the Muslim ideology permeates society.

"Jewish men conceal their skullcaps under a hat. Jewish women tuck their Star of David necklaces inside their clothing. Many Jewish families no longer place mezuzahs at the entrance to their homes. For more than 20 years, it has been impossible to talk about the Holocaust in French schools."

And he said the attacks now have expanded to Christians.

"French Christians visibly wearing a cross on the street receive insults. Every year, dozens of French churches are desecrated and ransacked," he said.

The column explained, "French President Emmanuel Macron said, in October 2020, that he wanted to fight what he called 'Islamic separatism,' but seemed not to want to see that Muslims tempted by Islamism do not want to 'separate' themselves from the rest of the population but to conquer others and have them submit. 'Islam,' Macron added is 'in crisis.' His statement provoked vehement protests from all of the French Muslim organizations and demonstrations in several countries of the Muslim world. Since then, he has avoided talking about Islam altogether."

France has now about 10% of its population of nearly 68 million who are Muslim.

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