Report: Nicolas Maduro-assembled ‘death squad’ has killed more than 200 Venezuelans

As Nicolas Maduro tries to maintain power in Venezuela, shocking allegations have been made against the embattled president.

A report has surfaced alleging that a private, masked “death squad” assembled by Maduro has killed more than 200 citizens.

The Death Squad

Maduro reportedly organized the Bolivian National Police Special Action Forces Group (FAES) to fight off terrorism and respond to national emergencies. But that is not exactly how the special forces unit is being used.

Members of the squad wear masks when deployed, and they are believed to have special forces and weapons training.

Local rights groups have claimed Maduro is using the private force as a rogue squad to issue death sentences.

These groups maintain that the FAES has killed off petty criminals and citizens in low-income areas.

Holding on to Power

Meanwhile, even though Maduro has lost power in the eyes of the U.S. and many of its allies, he continues to control Venezuela’s police and military. And while he has been offered safe passage by the country’s recognized leadership and President Trump, he does not seem to want to go down the route of giving up his power.

Instead, he is reportedly using the military and the FAES to instill fear into the citizens of Venezuela.

Since the uprising after his most recent election, dozens of citizens have been reportedly killed by these forces during riots and protests, a story that has been corroborated by a Venezuelan organization known as PROVEA.

PROVEA’s investigations coordinator, Marino Alvarado, said of the FAES: “Their mission now is to take up arms against the Venezuelan people, against those who express dissent.”

Alvarado also said that when the FAES is called in, someone always ends up dead.

“Every time they get involved, it ended in a fatality,” he said. “They massacred about four or so people every week.”

This reign of terror will continue until Maduro is either voluntarily or forcibly removed from office. And based on the latest reports, that time may soon be coming.

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