Flashback: 2015 report linked Tucker Carlson-abandoner Red Lobster to modern slavery

Red Lobster is among the companies that pulled ad buys from Tucker Carlson over his views on immigration — but they don’t have a squeaky clean history themselves.

A 2015 report from the Associated Press has resurfaced that linked Red Lobster and other restaurant chains to modern-day slave and child labor.

The Carlson Boycott

Like many of the other countries involved in the Carlson boycott, Red Lobster cited company “core values” as the reason it can no longer spend its advertising money with Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

All Carlson did was tell the truth about immigration problems in this country.

Sadly, multiple companies, obviously including Red Lobster, got on their high horse and pulled their advertising buys from Fox News.

Carlson has been adamant he will not be deterred, though.

Thus far, Fox News has stood behind the “controversial” TV host.

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But while Red Lobster acts high and mighty, the company has a rather disturbing past in terms of where it was sourcing its seafood.

The 2015 AP report told a story of laborers who were dragged out of their homes, assigned a number, and told to start peeling shrimp for 16 hours a day.

Among the enslaved workers were men, women, and even children.

The shrimp these people were peeling ended up in some major U.S. supermarkets and restaurants — among them, Red Lobster.

Take a look:

Prior to that report, Red Lobster claimed on its website: “We also know where our seafood comes from.”

But if that were the case, then the company was openly approving of child slave labor.

If that is one of its core values, then Tucker Carlson is far better off without their money.

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