Report: Kimberly Guilfoyle didn’t leave Fox News voluntarily, was fired

Conflicting stories are now surfacing regarding the sudden departure of Kimberly Guilfoyle from The Five.

In addition to Huffington Post, several media outlets are now reporting Kimberly Guilfoyle was in fact fired from the show.

Depends Who Tells It

When the story first broke, Guilfoyle’s attorney insisted the departure from Fox News happened on amicable terms.

In fact, it was first reported Guilfoyle had alerted the network over her plans to join a pro-Trump PAC called America First.

But a reporter for Huffington Post cited three unnamed sources who alleged that Guilfoyle was actually dumped by the network.

When Fox News issued a very terse statement about Guilfoyle’s departure, the angle that she had been let go really started to gain some steam.

The network statement read: “Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.”

Reports later surfaced that she was not even permitted on premises to say goodbye to her fellow hosts or the viewing audience that had come to know her, as she had been a host for more than a decade.

Conflict of Interest

When Guilfoyle’s relationship with Donald Trump, Jr. was first announced, liberals immediately started to whine about a conflict of interest.

But a political commentator being involved with a politician is nothing new.

In fact, Guilfoyle was previously married to Gavin Newsome.

Newsome is a former mayor of San Francisco and the current Lt. Gov. of California.

There were no cries of impropriety then, but that is more than likely because Newsome is a Democrat.

Now that she is involved with a Republican, all bets are off.

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If the latest reports are true, and Guilfoyle was blocked from the set and not allowed to say goodbye, Fox News has a lot of explaining to do.

As someone that worked for the network for more than a decade, Guilfoyle surely deserved a better sendoff.

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