Report reveals Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized in June

A justice on the U.S. Supreme Court was recently hospitalized — but it’s not who you might think.

According to a Tuesday report from Fox News, Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized in June after a bad fall. He needed numerous stitches, Fox reported, but was discharged after just one night.

A history of hospitalizations

The last Supreme Court justice to make headlines for a hospitalization was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the court’s eldest jurist.

According to Politico, a statement from the high court in early May revealed the 87-year-old had undergone “non-surgical treatment for acute cholecystitis, a benign gallbladder condition, this afternoon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.”

The next month, it was Roberts, 65, who found himself hospitalized.

A bad fall

According to Fox, the chief justice fell while on a walk at the Chevy Chase Country Club on June 21.

Roberts, who has suffered from seizures in the past, was reportedly also suffering from dehydration when he fell. He was admitted to a local hospital overnight and required several stitches to close a head wound.

“The Chief Justice was treated at a hospital on June 21 for an injury to his forehead sustained in a fall while walking for exercise near his home,” Supreme Court spokesperson Kathleen Arberg stated, according to Fox.

She went on: “The injury required sutures, and out of an abundance of caution, he stayed in the hospital overnight and was discharged the next morning. His doctors ruled out a seizure. They believe the fall was likely due to light-headedness caused by dehydration.”

A look ahead

It’s good to know that the chief justice is OK, but Roberts’ accident still makes clear how urgent the upcoming presidential election is. The two oldest justices on the court are both liberals — but that hardly means that a liberal justice will be the next one to retire.

If something were to happen to a conservative justice during a Democrat presidency, conservatives would lose their current 5–4 edge on the high court.

With so many important issues on the docket and slated for the coming year, the country simply can’t afford to put its fate in the hands of a Democrat like Joe Biden.

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