Report: Jeffrey Epstein visited the White House in early days of Bill Clinton’s presidency

Bill Clinton has claimed that he didn’t meet multimillionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein until 2002. But according to a new report, that may be a flat-out lie.

The Daily Beast reports that Epstein visited the Clinton White House multiple times in the early days of the Democrat’s administration. And that’s not all.

Lying Bill

According to the Daily Beast, a $10,000 donation was made by Epstein to the White House Historical Association in 1993. A reception was held for the donors — and it was hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

That is strike one against Clinton.

Sources have also stated that Epstein visited Mark Middleton, a Clinton aide, several times at the White House.

That is strike two.

There is also the case of a 1995 fundraising dinner in Palm Beach. The dinner, hosted for Clinton by Ron Perelman, had an A-list guest list, with names like Don Johnson and Jimmy Buffett in attendance. Epstein, who lives very close by, was also alleged to have been there.

That is strike three.

The Nail in the Coffin

Oddly enough, it was the Clinton Library that put the final hole in Bill Clinton’s story.

Documents in the library backed up the claim that Epstein was, in fact, at the White House Historical Association reception. The formal guest list for the party included Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and it was denoted on the document that they would both be attending the function.

But there was one more piece of evidence linking Epstein and Clinton: a 1995 thank-you note sent to Clinton by Lynn Forester. In her letter, Forester thanked Clinton for taking the time to speak to her, writing in part:

Using my fifteen seconds of access to discuss Jeffery Epstein and current stabilization, I neglected to talk with you about a topic near and dear to my heart.

Now, it’s up to the media to get some answers out of the former president about his true ties to Epstein. But will any of the left-leaning outlets actually dare to bring it up? Only time will tell.

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