Report: Investigators identifying policy changes Biden made – for pay!

June 29, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The House Oversight Committee, investigating alleged corruption in the Biden family, including Joe Biden, has identified six policy decisions that were "influenced by Biden's connection to foreign groups," according to the committee chief.

At issue are the results of investigations being done by Congress into what apparently has been a huge influence-peddling scheme run by the Bidens for years.

Investigators have estimated that multiple Biden family members took in tens of millions of dollars over the years for access to Joe Biden, and the decisions he could make for those foreigners making the payments.

The evidence already available suggests that one company, Ukrainian gas company Burisma, paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden $5 million each in bribes to make a corruption investigation go away.

Joe Biden actually did that, threatening Ukrainian officials with the loss of a billion dollars in American aid if they didn't fire the prosecutor handling that case.

That also was the company paying Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars a month to be on its board.

After the prosecutor was fired, Joe Biden returned from his official trip to Ukraine and bragged about what he did.

report at the Washington Examiner documented that Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., believes Joe Biden and his family have gotten "over $20 million" from foreign sources in a scheme of "creating policy for money."

He said investigators still are reviewing what policy changes may have happened for pay, citing energy issues and investigations into China.

"He's compromised because he's taken so much money from China. When you go in and you end the China initiative ... they ended that because they said it was racial profiling. That was discrimination," Comer said. "But the university presidents, even the most liberal ones, wanted that. They ended that. That's an example of a policy decision."

Joe Biden repeatedly has claimed he never had any involvement in his son's business dealings – that he didn't even talk to Hunter about them.

That claim has been maintained by Joe Biden even after a social media statement was documented showing Hunter Biden threatening a Chinese associate for not keeping up his end of an agreement, and warning that his father was in the room with him, waiting for a resolution.

Days later, a huge payment was made to the Bidens.

Comer said Biden "absolutely' is compromised, and the investigation is continuing.

"All the people that were on the inside of these so-called business deals, they're going to be able to tell exactly what the Bidens did in exchange for this money," Comer said. "They're going to tell what Joe Biden knew and how involved Joe Biden was in the family schemes, and I think that's the most important thing that will come out of the depositions."

The report continued, "The committee chairman said both IRS and FBI whistleblowers claim the Justice Department told them to 'stand down' and not go poking around the 'big guy,' a nickname reportedly given to Biden by the Ukrainian oligarch who owned Burisma."

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