Report: Infighting breaks out in Biden’s White House over Afghanistan humiliation

The fallout from President Joe Biden’s botched, humiliating U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan continues to worsen by the day.

According to Breitbart, during a recent CNN broadcast, of all outlets, it was reported that “s**tshow” level infighting has taken hold in Biden’s White House between U.S. military leaders and State Department officials, both of whom are pointing fingers at each other for the disaster that has unfolded in Afghanistan over the past week. 

Making matters worse, an estimated number of 10,000 — 40,000 Americans, as of this writing, are currently stuck in Afghanistan with no real guidance on how to evacuate, other than to “trust” that the Taliban will let them pass through to the airport in Kabul.

What’s the beef?

CNN described the situation as Biden’s White House becoming “embroiled” in an internal “blame game” over what exactly went wrong with the president’s plan to pull U.S. troops out of the war-ravaged country of Afghanistan, especially now as the crisis worsens as thousands of Americans are seemingly stranded there.

If one asks the State Department, they’re claiming that they acted on an intelligence analysis which gave the United States more time before the Taliban would have been able to take total control — a feat that the terrorist group ultimately accomplished in less than a two-week period.

Unsurprisingly, U.S. intelligence officials have denied that such language was included in their assessment of the situation.

Biden’s military leadership claimed that they told State Department officials that any “last-minute emergency evacuation — if needed — would be more difficult the more staffers remained.”

As CNN noted, military officials were reportedly “urging the State Department for weeks to begin withdrawing embassy employees in Kabul,” with the report adding that Pentagon officials have used the word “s**tshow” to “describe their feelings about Washington and Kabul.”

Evacuation disaster

It’s bad enough to be an American on the ground in Afghanistan right now, but making matters downright frightening is a reported memo that went out to remaining Americans in the war-torn nation which basically told them to fend for themselves in any attempts to make it to the airport.

When Biden’s White House was asked if they’re prioritizing the evacuation of Americans first, it couldn’t answer the simple and reasonable question. Instead, it simply replied, “We are prioritizing a number of groups.”

Without a doubt, this situation will become much worse before it gets better, and Heaven forbid any Americans die in their attempt to escape. If they do, that blood will certainly be on Biden’s hands.

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