Report alleges that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg remains hospitalized for pneumonia

One of the more far-reaching publications in alternative media is making a big claim about the health of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — and it is starting to get some traction.

The Santa Monica Observer recently published a story alleging that Ruth Bader Ginsburg chose to cancel a planned Jan. 29 appearance because the longtime justice remains hospitalized for pneumonia, a disease that sometimes proves deadly.

On Target or Lucky Shot

The main reason the article on the Observer is even getting any tread is that they published an article months ago that correctly predicted lung cancer in the justice.

Of course, while the publication claimed to have an inside source, this may have just been a lucky stab in the dark.

The cancer was not even discovered by Ginsburg’s doctors until she broke her ribs in a November fall.

According to reports and spokespeople for the justice, doctors discovered the cancerous nodules on her Ginsburg’s left lung while treating her for the broken ribs.

If we take this story from the justice at face value, there is simply no way the Observer could have known she had cancer in September, when they first published their report.

Taking all of that into account, the publication may have just been a blindly thrown dart that just happened to hit the bullseye.

Fact or Faction

Now, that same publication is making the claim that Ginsburg is currently out due to pneumonia.

But again, this is more than likely an assumption, rather than fact.

Many medical experts that have been saying that at Ginsburg’s age, pneumonia is likely, especially considering her recent medical history.

Due to both her age and recent complications, according to these experts, there is a very good chance she could come down with pneumonia.

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Meanwhile, up until this point, Ginsburg’s camp has insisted she is doing as expected and her recovery is right on track.

If this “rumor” pans out, it will make the Santa Monica Observer appear as though its staff has the inside track on Ginsburg.

If not, it will more than likely immediately be flagged as a false news outlet by liberal fact-checking sites.

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