Report: Former Fox News executive accepts White House comms position

A former executive for Fox News is about to have his world turned upside down.

Former co-president of Fox News, Bill Shine, has reportedly joined the Donald Trump administration in the communications department.

Media Member to White House

With Shine’s experience, it is no surprise the president recruited him for an upper-level position in communications.

Over the weekend, rumors started to fly that Shine would be asked to take over the role as deputy chief of staff.

By Tuesday, it all seemed like a done deal.

Then, ABC broke the story, citing several “inside sources,” which made the appointment all but official.

Position to Fill

The position for which Shine will fill has been vacant for some time now.

The last person to hold the position was Hope Hicks, who left the administration back in March.

The Trump communications department, in fact, has been plagued with endless turnover.

If Shine is in fact the appointee, he will hopefully be able to level things off and get the department back on track.

Smart Pick or Asking for Trouble?

There are already whispers about Shine, but not for his abilities as a communications director.

Shine, as you may recall, was co-president of Fox News when the rash of sexual harassment and racial discrimination claims were being made against the network.

In fact, Shine was mentioned in a total of four of those cases.

As a result, Shine himself would later also be dismissed by Rupert Murdoch, who Shine was none too shy about ripping in the weeks after.

Shine complained after his release that he did not believe Murdoch had been very supportive.

Furthermore, the comments Shine allegedly made were denied by Fox News.

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The question is, though: should Trump have brought someone with these allegations in his past into his administration considering today’s political climate?

Don’t expect these facts to be ignored. As a matter of fact, you can expect the liberal media to blast Trump and use Shine against him as much as possible in the very near future.

Brace yourselves.

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