Report finds evidence of 459 crimes in Hunter Biden’s laptop

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

By now few Americans are not aware of the Biden family’s international business dealings.

There was that multi-million dollar payment from China and another from Russia. And don’t forget the millions from a Ukrainian gas company, one that was being investigated for corruption until Joe Biden, as vice president, put down his foot and threatened to withhold American money unless the prosecutor was fired.

But now a new report from watchdog organization Marco Polo USA outlines, in its 630-pages, a list of 459 “legal violations.”

Including tax fraud, falsifying business papers, prostitution, non-consensual pornography, and distribution of narcotics.

It is the Daily Wire that has outlined the year-long review of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he abandoned at a repair shop, and has resulted in a 630-page report.

Report authors said the “violations of state and federal laws and regulations” were by Hunter Biden and his business partners.

“Marco Polo, a nonprofit formed by a one-time aide to former President Trump to enable a team of cyber gumshoes to take a deep dive into the laptop that the crack-addled Biden left at a Delaware repair store, claims the report is a road map for local, state, or federal prosecutors to pursue charges. The group also sent its report to each member of Congress,” the Daily Wire explained.

It was the revelations from this laptop that Big Tech suppressed in the last few days leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg admitted to doing that suppression after the FBI lobbied him to watch out for Russian “disinformation,” which the laptop wasn’t.

Polls show that because of that suppression, the election likely was taken away from President Trump and given to Joe Biden.

The Daily Wire noted the “symmetry” of the release of the report from the laptop to the original revelations from the New York Post about the data in the hard drive.

“This time around, the timing is similar, but other factors are reversed. Legacy outlets have acknowledged that the laptop’s files are authentic, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey admitted that censoring the laptop was a mistake, and the social media platform is being sold to free-speech advocate Elon Musk,” the Daily Wire noted.

Marco Polo founder Garrett Ziegler and others on his team researched the hard drive and produced a report that weighs in at 1 gigabyte.

He told the Daily Wire, “I’ve been focusing on this for 13 months. It was really a thing of necessity. I recognized how rich the material was. It requires utter focus. It is so hard to write something comprehensive about it and do anything else on the side.”

He cited the “sex and degeneracy” evidenced, but noted his desire was to “log every crime, even the state-level statutes.”

The goal, he said, was to hold Republicans’ feet “to the fire,” to do something about the behaviors.

Marco Polo earlier posted 128,000 emails from Hunter’s laptop online so Americans could search them.

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