Report: Fences surrounding US Capitol could be removed as soon as next week

The fencing around the U.S. Capitol is finally coming down.

Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, Fox News reports that barriers still in place on Capitol Hill in the wake of a riot there on Jan. 6 will be removed as soon as next week.

The development comes by way of Fox’s Chad Pergram, who reported Thursday that “the Capitol fence, encircling the immediate perimeter of the U.S. Capitol[,] will come down starting July 8.”

The fence is coming down

In a series of tweets, Pergram explained that an outer perimeter of fencing had been taken down in the weeks following the unrest at the Capitol, which came as Congress was meeting to certify the results of the 2020 presidential race.

The riot followed a Donald Trump rally in Washington and prompted Democrats to reignite impeachment proceedings against the then-president for his alleged role in the unrest.

“Officials installed…two layers of fencing blocking off the Capitol shortly after the January 6 riot,” Pergram wrote Thursday. “Officials removed the larger perimeter of fencing in the spring. But the inner fence remained.”

But even as the interior fencing is said to be headed out, questions remain about security on Capitol Hill even months after the January breach, Pergram noted.

He reported Thursday: “Fox is told there are questions as to whether the U.S. Capitol Police have the resources to protect the Capitol. Many officers have left or remain injured. Morale remains very low after the riot.”

Concerns remain on the Hill

The Fox reporter also cited a purportedly “knowledgeable” source who told him, “We don’t know that we are in a better position than we were on January 5.”

Even still, the fence surrounding the Capitol has long been a point of contention among lawmakers. Many on the right have urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to order it removed for months, but she hesitated, citing ongoing security concerns.

Of course, just because Democrat leaders on the Hill have apparently finally given in doesn’t mean they’re ready to move on from the Capitol riot.

Pelosi and her fellow Dems recently moved to establish a House select committee to investigate the attack — and so far, it’s looking more and more partisan by the day.

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