Report: Feds may have 'planted' evidence against Trump

 May 9, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats' lawfare cases against President Trump are thick on the ground these days, and one of the more serious involves claims he illegally had classified documents from his presidency in his home.

There was that FBI SWAT-style raid on Mar-a-Lago in which authorities claimed they recovered documents.

The case already is in trouble, what with prosecutors' admission that they tainted evidence by changing the location of some of the documents they took.

But now there's a new headache for special counsel Jack Smith, a report from the Federalist that suggests "federal employees planted classified documents to frame Trump."

"Even if what happened isn’t that nefarious — although exactly that scenario has already been deployed against Trump several times — not only could the case be thrown out of court, but some federal lawyers may have risked their licenses for mishandling evidence," the report explained.

Supporters of President Trump long have suggested Joe Biden and his Democrat party are weaponizing the federal government to try to put Trump in jail, to hinder his 2024 run for re-election.

Already, Congress has launched formal investigations of several facets of the weaponization agenda.

The report explained that, "for 11 months, the special counsel’s office hid that it misplaced some — we don’t how many or which — of the same allegedly classified documents it claims Trump criminally possessed at Mar-a-Lago."

That was confirmed in a court filing just days ago, when Smith's office confirmed when federal agents took boxes of papers from Trump’s home, the agents put "placeholder" papers to mark their location, but they have since been confirmed to have been altered.

Smith's office confirmed investigators no longer can be sure which documents went where.

And, The Federalist said, "The filing also says the FBI 'generally' inserted the 'handwritten sheets,' indicating there were exceptions to its use of placeholders to indicate the allegedly original locations of allegedly classified documents Trump allegedly criminally possessed."

A footnote explained that prosecutors had misled the court earlier on the issue.

The report said, "In other words, the special counsel has been lying to the court, the public, and the Trump legal team this whole time about the evidence grounding its entire case."

Further, there's additional information that a federal agency sent "two pallets" of papers to Trump during the time the National Archives and Records was scheming to create a documents case against Trump.

"It’s unknown who all had access to these document boxes during their packing, temporary storage in Virginia, and transit to Trump’s home. Were those boxes a setup too? Imagine if some boxes the feds sent amid NARA’s dispute with Trump were also boxes the DOJ can’t verify as being in their original state," the report noted

Trump's defense has argued the entire case is corrupted.

And, in fact, altering or damaging evidence in such a case itself is a federal crime.

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