Report: Epstein received death threats prior to suicide

As more and more information is revealed, more and more questions are arising about the sudden death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Before his death, Epstein received death threats and threats of violence from other inmates, according to TMZ, citing source familiar with the investigation.

“We’re told several of the threats involved extortion … put money in the inmate’s commissary account or else endure physical violence. We’re told the extortion started early on … before July 23” (the date of his first suicide attempt), TMZ reported.

Clearly, extra attention should have been paid to Epstein during his stay.

First Suicide Attempt

Epstein had only been in prison a short while before being found semiconscious in his cell on July 23, with bruises on his neck. The authorities put him on suicide watch after that.

However, his attorney immediately petitioned to have Epstein removed from suicide watch.

Suspicious Circumstances

Taking Epstein off suicide watch was clearly a mistake, but there were numerous other factors that came into play that allowed this all to play out.

Contrary to popular belief, Epstein was NOT on suicide watch at the time of his death on August 10. Additionally, at this facility, suicide watch did not mean 24/7 watch. It only meant that guards would check in on the prisoner every 15 minutes.

Since Epstein was not on suicide watch at the time, the guards were supposed to check in on him every 30 minutes, but even that was not happening, as the guards were either asleep or simply not doing their jobs.

Something that has raised a lot of suspicions is that two cameras were not working and the one camera that did capture footage was reportedly said to be unusable, which has more than a few conspiracy theorists scratching their head.

The FBI is investigating and has sent the cameras to their crime lab in Quantico, Reuters reported Friday.

Honestly, we may never truly know what happened to Epstein but even if we don’t, clearly, the death was not quite as uncomplicated as we are being led to believe.

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