Report: Jeffrey Epstein was really a spy for Israeli Mossad

A new theory has popped up on the radar to explain Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

According to the Daily Caller, former Epstein associate Steven Hoffenberg believes Epstein was a spy for the Israeli Mossad, and he is telling all the details in a new book, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Hoffenberg’s premise

Just how did Hoffenberg come up with this tale? He was a business associate of Epstein’s in the early 1990s. Hoffenberg says that Epstein was “like his brother” and that they were “inseparable for a long time.”

Hoffenberg and Epstein were also both involved in a massive Ponzi scheme called the Towers Financial Group. The two men defrauded investors out of almost $500 million.

Only Hoffenberg went to jail, though; Epstein, for some reason, was able to walk away free. (This was hardly the first or only time Epstein would be caught up in something nefarious only to walk away unscathed.)

After seeing this story play out time and time again, Hoffenberg started to put two and two together. According to Hoffenberg, Epstein made connections within the intelligence communities and was a spy for the Israel Mossad spy agency.

This role would eventually enable Epstein to make contact with Russian, Israeli, and Saudi Arabian officials, Hoffenberg said. Hoffenberg believes it also made it much easier for Epstein to get the young girls he favored for alleged sexual abuse.

Time to tell the real story

Much of what Hoffenberg knows was never made public, but the publishing of the book mentioned above, which is written by Dylan Howard, is now allowing Hoffenberg to tell his side of the story.

“[Epstein] was needed by the CIA or the FBI for intelligence, because he was manipulating the American intelligence for the overseas organizations: MI6, the Israelis, and the Saudis,” Hoffenberg stated. “That’s what he was doing. They were afraid of the exposure that he brought to the table for what he did with Prince Andrew, MI6, the Israelis, and the Saudis.”

Hoffenberg believes that this risk of exposure led Mossad to kill Epstein.

Even though both men were caught up in the same Ponzi scheme, Epstein managed to walk away a free man, while Hoffenberg took the fall. Hoffenberg stated that when he pleaded guilty, it was because he was supposed to “get a slap on the wrist,” but he ended up with a much more serious sentence because Epstein “double-crossed” him.

Hoffenberg maintains that he was framed and had the evidence to prove it.

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