Report: John Brennan is not a target of Durham probe prosecutors

Earlier this week, conservatives were ecstatic when they heard that U.S. Attorney John Durham was scheduled to call former Obama official John Brennan in for an interview.

But according to a report that came out on Friday, Brennan is NOT considered a target for prosecution in Durham’s probe, which is examining the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

Brennan agrees to interview

It was assumed by most experts that the top Obama administration officials behind the Trump-Russia investigation —  ex-FBI director James Comey, ex-DNI chief James Clapper, ex-CIA head John Brennan, and ex-deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe — would be called up toward the end of Durham’s probe.

So, when it was revealed that Brennan was willing to be interviewed, it was widely reported that the end of Durham’s investigation was drawing near.

However, even though Durham has reportedly asked Brennan for the interview, the DOJ is reportedly not targeting him for prosecution, which could be for a variety of reasons.

NPR reported on Friday that according to an unnamed lawyer “familiar with the investigation,” Brennan has been told that he is not being targeted by Durham prosecutors.

President Trump, however, still seems to be holding onto the hope that big things are going to come from this investigation.

No big names

Anyone hoping to see a major player get indicted needs to temper their expectations of Durham’s investigation.

Attorney General Bill Barr knows that if he indicts someone like Comey or Clapper, it will come across as a political attack against Trump’s enemies. Secondly, unless there is direct evidence they committed illegal acts, it will be difficult to prove.

Former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker stated as much when speaking to Paul Sperry with Real Clear Investigations, stating, “It’s hard to prove criminal intent at their level, and unless there’s a smoking gun, like an email or text, they’ll probably get off with a damning report about their activities.”

In a more likely scenario, Durham will issue a scathing report for some type of malfeasance and possibly some low-level indictments of staffers who will be painted as rogue and/or zealous operators.

The report will be bad for those officials and could possibly even tarnish Joe Biden, but the likelihood that any of the major players will ever spend a day in court for their actions toward the Trump campaign is dimming.

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