Report: Dozens killed in Myanmar in deadliest day of unrest since February coup

The BBC reports that “dozens of people” are dead in Myanmar after the country’s military opened fire on its own citizens over the weekend.

Reports pegged the number of deaths at 90, at least, in what was the deadliest day of unrest there since a coup by the military on Feb. 1. At least six of the deaths were children, who were all between the ages of 10 and 16, according to PJ Media.

“Killing us like birds”

According to the BBC, Saturday marked Armed Forces Day in Myanmar, and protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the recent takeover.

Including the latest deaths, more than 400 have been killed amid the unrest.

“They are killing us like birds or chickens, even in our homes,” one resident told the BBC. “We will keep protesting regardless.”

Despite the unrest, the country’s military reportedly moved forward with the Armed Forces Day festitives unabated. According to the Wall Street Journal, soldiers marched in a parade, and Min Aung Hlaing, the country’s commander-in-chief, participated in a lavish dinner with a fireworks display and a drone show.

Meanwhile, the Journal reports:

Aung San Suu Kyi, the ousted civilian leader, has been under detention in her home since her government was deposed, as have dozens of other officials from her political party.

The unrest continues

There have been attempts by the international community to tamp down on the violence, with a number of Western nations placing sanctions on Myanmar.

The problem, according to the Wall Street Journal, is that these sanctions aren’t having a significant impact on the country. Myanmar largely does not rely on imports; in terms of money coming in, China is its biggest consumer.

As such, it is perhaps up to China to play a major role in getting the situation under control. To this point, however, the communist nation has refrained from action. Some have even suggested that China’s government supports the ongoing coup, as the Associated Press notes.

State-run media in China has said the demonstrations in Myanmar were “incited by the West,” the AP reports.

With the situation growing more dire by the day, it seems few options are left for Myanmar aside from outside military intervention. But there’s been no sign thus far that any Western countries are interested in jumping in the fray.

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