Report: DOJ Ready to Seek Warrant for Biden’s Home

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It has been revealed that the Department of Justice was prepared to seek a warrant to search Joe Biden’s home – after unprotected classified documents were reported to being found there.

The New York Post said a CNN report affirmed that the DOJ was “ready” to seek a warrant if investigators did not get what they wanted from Biden.

In fact, Biden’s legal team gave consent for a 13-hour search of Biden’s luxurious nearly 7,000-square-foot Wilmington mansion, which took place last week.

More classified documents were found during that search, some dating to Biden’s days as a senator.

Previously classified information was found tucked away in his garage, next to his classic Corvette.

Biden explained it was all secured because he has a lock on his garage door, to protect his old sports car.

There also have been demands that investigators review the documents – millions of pages – in some 1,850 boxes of records from Biden’s days as a senator.

Even earlier, classified documents, without proper security, were found at the Penn Biden Center think tank, where Joe Biden had an office between his terms as vice president and president.

The Post report explained, “On Nov. 10, the DOJ’s National Security Division notified Biden’s legal team of the specific processes and protocols the president’s lawyers were expected to follow over the course of the probe.”

Biden reportedly tried to keep the discovery of the first classified documents, from just before the midterm elections, secret, in the hope that it all could go away quietly without being revealed to the American public.

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