Report: Documents suggest CNN was tipped off on Roger Stone arrest, then lied about it

CNN insisted that it was ready and waiting to film the FBI’s dramatic arrest of Roger Stone because of a reporter’s good “instinct” — and not because they were tipped off.

But newly-released documents could prove that someone leaked a copy of the Stone indictment to CNN before the court papers were even filed.

Did CNN get tipped off?

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which appears to be written by Stone’s attorney Grant Smith, Smith says he was forwarded a copy of the Stone indictment by a CNN reporter.

He was disturbed by what he found:

I receive, via text message from Sara Murray of CNN, what appears to be a draft copy of the indictment as it has no PACER filing notations in the header.  (See attached)  This makes the document provided to me different from the copy currently on the DOJ website and would appear to be prior in time to the filling and the unsealing.  It is unknown how CNN had obtained a copy of a sealed indictment without a PACER filing header.  

Additionally, the metadata of the document sent to me, also attached, indicates that the author was “AAW” and that it was created and modified on 1/23/19 at 11:04 pm using Acrobat PDF Maker for Word, a full day before it was filed with the Court under seal.

Special Counsel Under Scrutiny

The one concern here is that the documents have not yet been authenticated.

As we have seen on prior occasions, documents can be altered to create a story.

If this report is true, however, it not only proves CNN was lying but also points the finger at a member of Mueller’s team as the possible rat.

The metadata that Smith referred to shows the document as being created and modified on the evening of January 23.

It was also written by someone with the initials AAW. The speculation here is that AAW could be Mueller’s lead counsel, Andrew A. Weissmann.

If that is the case and he is the one that emailed a copy of the indictment to CNN early, this entire investigation becomes suspect.

As Trump has stated numerous times, it would become clear that it is a “witch hunt” to take down the president.

Mueller has some explaining to do over whether CNN was, in fact, tipped off or not to politicize an arrest.

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