Report details First Lady Jill Biden calling the shots at the White House, vetting President’s aides

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden has reportedly been wielding major influence in the White House and has allegedly been vetting staff and even has gone as far as to rip into those she deems as not protecting the President.

The First Lady has been a power player in the White House, which is a strong departure from her predecessors. Many speculate that the First Lady’s aggressive influence is largely due to President Joe Biden’s unstable health and inability to function in public settings.

A report from the New York Times on Monday stated that the First Lady has been calling the shots and is “involved in the hiring of [Joe Biden’s] press staff and other senior aides.”

First Lady calling the shots

It’s been clear for months that President Biden is not in control and is merely a figurehead.

The First Lady has been seen guiding the President away from press conferences on multiple occasions.

The First Lady vetting the President’s senior aides makes sense, considering that she is so involved in ensuring Americans don’t see just how much the President has declined.

The President’s capabilities have become so unreliable that the First Lady has even begun to campaign on his behalf. The First Lady is campaigning for embattled Democrats which may be a win for Democrats as the First Lady doesn’t have the President’s baggage.

Katherine Sibley, director of American Studies Program at St. Joseph’s University, said during an interview with The Hill, “Today we are seeing Jill Biden too capitalizing on her greater popularity in comparison to her husband’s, but unlike some of her predecessors, she started this months ago, traveling for example to Arizona, Nevada, and Kentucky in March 2022 in a tour connected with the midterms.”

The President is considered to be a liability by many Democrats and seeing more of the First Lady is likely to do more to boost voter turnout. Nonetheless, it should alarm Americans that the President isn’t in control at the White House.

National security issue

The First Lady calling the shots at the White House and puppeteering the President is a major concern at a time when world peace is under more threats than ever before.

Russia’s war with Ukraine is threatening to drag in the rest of Europe, and many are terrified of the implications such a conflict with a nuclear power could bring. China is also growing increasingly aggressive, seemingly emboldened by Russia.

The First Lady taking over operations in the White House is further proof that President Biden needs to either resign or be impeached. The nation is in danger, and we must have someone who, at the very least, is mentally sound at the wheel.

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