Report: Pennsylvania Democrat accused of collecting rent through defunct company

A Democrat lawmaker in a swing district in Pennsylvania has been accused of collecting tens of thousands of dollars in rental income through a company that was declared defunct in 2016 while she lobbied for landlord subsidies and aid, a new report from the Washington Free Beacon claims. 

Rep. Susan Wild (D) represents the 7th District of Eastern Pennsylvania and only won her district by three points in 2020.

According to the Free Beacon, Wild apparently collected up to $110,000 in rent through an LLC — Casa Stimus — that went defunct in 2016, when its corporate status was revoked because the owners, Wild and her sister, did not file timely paperwork with the District of Columbia, where the property is located and jointly owned with Wilds’ sister and where the LLC was registered.

LLCs are “void and all powers conferred upon such entity are declared inoperative” in D.C., the Free Beacon reports. This means it is illegal for the duo to use the company for collecting rent.

Relief for landlords?

Wild reportedly inherited the D.C. property that Casa Stimus used as an address and that provided the rental income from her late mother in 2015. She owns a 50% stake in the property, which D.C. records show as being worth $760,000, the Free Beacon said.

In public remarks in March, Wild said that federal assistance for landlords is “a key part of our state recovery,” but did not mention that she was herself a landlord.

Wild’s position is a conflict of interest, but she is not the only member of Congress who is both a landlord and supported federal assistance for landlords.

Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) reported up to $65,000 in rental income during 2020 while backing legislation to eliminate rent and replace it with a “landlord relief fund,” the Free Beacon noted.

What about 2022?

Wild did not comment on the story, which first broke on Saturday.

The controversy could make it more difficult for Wild to win re-election to the House in 2022. Her 2020 Republican opponent, local businesswoman Lisa Scheller, has said she plans to run against Wild again next time around.

Scheller was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in the previous race, but narrowly lost by three percentage points, the Free Beacon said.

Trump held a rally in the 7th District just weeks before the election at which Scheller also spoke.

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