Report claims Trump is privately speaking ill of Ron DeSantis

A new report from Axios claims that former President Donald Trump has been privately speaking ill of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). 

The two Republican firebrands have been frontrunners in the polls as voters consider who will win the GOP nomination in 2024, though Trump typically comes out on top.

Thus far, neither Trump nor DeSantis has formally announced that they’ll be throwing their hat in the ring. Still, many expect that Trump will want another shot at winning the White House — and if the new report from Axios is any indication, he’s not too keen on Florida’s 43-year-old governor standing in his way.

“In the context of the 2024 election, [Trump] usually gives DeSantis a pop in the nose in the middle of that type of conversation,” one source told Axios.

Insiders tell all

The same source said they’ve heard Trump criticize DeSantis privately “on multiple occasions.” The source said Trump believes “DeSantis has no personal charisma and has a dull personality.”

Another insider reportedly told Axios that Trump’s problem with the governor is that he “won’t say he won’t run” for president in 2024.

There’s also the question of whether DeSantis has been ungrateful: According to Axios, one source said Trump feels “there’s no way” DeSantis would be governor of the Sunshine State if it weren’t for the former president’s endorsement.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis responded to Axios’ requests for comment.

A rift in the GOP?

The new report comes just days after Trump and DeSantis made headlines for apparently taking jabs at one another, though they didn’t name names.

The exchange began with Trump calling politicians like DeSantis who refuse to be forthright on whether they’ve received a booster shot for COVID-19 “gutless.”

DeSantis, for his part, hit back during an interview in which he targeted the Trump administration for allowing a nationwide lockdown to take effect in response to the pandemic. DeSantis said that one of his biggest mistakes was not speaking up “louder” when the Trump White House was heading in that direction.

With that, it seems something of a rivalry is forming within the GOP. The question is: Is it really benefiting anyone? Perhaps all the infighting would be better left to the Democrats.

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