Report claims pro-lifers are making ‘diaper crisis’ worse

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It’s a fairly recent report at the leftist Huffington Post that describes how one-third of U.S. families are struggling with paying some $80 a month for enough diapers for their infants or toddlers and explained a legislative proposal that would create a federal program to help.

It is, according to the report, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat from Illinois working on the bipartisan plan.

So the logical conclusion, reached by a yahoo/finance article, is that the “anti-abortion movement is making it worse.”

The legislation plan outlines how it would provide funding for various programs, since Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children don’t cover those diaper costs, and parents also would be allowed to pay such expenses through their health savings accounts and the like.

Yahoo right away warned, “America is facing a diaper crisis, and the anti-abortion movement is making it worse.”

The report claimed, “The coronavirus pandemic has played a heavy role in this crisis, and as households seek help from nonprofit organizations, anti-abortion centers (AACs) may be misrepresenting the extent of their services.”

It went on to point out that “an AAC giant,” Heartbeat International, in 2019 before the pandemic surfaced, said it distributed more than 1.2 million packs of diapers, along with truckloads of other infant supplies.

But the report said “Equity Forward,” which researches “gender equity” and abortion issues, said the organization also paid staff salaries and marketing program professionals.

The conclusion from Equity Forward spokeswoman Ashley Underwood was that those organizations “solely exist to deter people from getting abortion care.”

The pro-abortion diatribe was, itself, the subject of ridicule from NotTheBee, where a commentary explained, “The arguments in favor of abortion continue to get more and more creative.”

It continued, “I can’t even imagine the conversation behind this piece. ‘There aren’t enough diapers to keep up with the number of babies being born.’ ‘What should we do?’ ‘I know! We should kill babies until the number of babies matches the number of diapers!'”

The commentary elaborated, “Now you can be pro-abortion simply because there aren’t enough diapers. What a sick world we’re in. The story from Yahoo doesn’t say this exactly. Actually, it’s a hit piece against, you guessed it, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which they title ‘Anti-Abortion Centers’ to make them sound evil. In 2019, Heartbeat International, an AAC giant, claimed to have provided 1.85 million individuals with free baby supplies, including more than 2 million baby clothing outfits, more than 19,000 strollers, and more than 1.2 million packs of diapers. However, data from Equity Forward, an accountability organization that produces investigative research related to gender equity and sexual and reproductive health, found inconsistencies with those numbers.”

The trolling continued, “GASP! They are giving away strollers and diapers instead of murdering babies! CALL THE POLICE!!! Basically, a lefty group claims that one network of crisis pregnancy centers doesn’t use their funds as well as they should, spending more on advertising and overhead than these lefties think they should, therefore the entire pro-life movement is to blame for a diaper shortage. You know, because not being efficient with funds is the same as [checks notes] poisoning and chopping up babies.”

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