Report claims Cuomo’s policy on nursing homes amid COVID-19 likely caused ‘additional deaths’

A new report just confirmed what many had long suspected: Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mishandling of the coronavirus in his state likely cost people their lives.

According to the New York Post, the New York State Bar Association’s Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care has released a report outlining missteps made by Cuomo and others in his administration as COVID-19 was ravaging the Big Apple — and its nearly 250 pages are full of nothing but bad news for the Democrat governor.

It’s been confirmed

As the Post notes, the report from the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) makes clear that the policy from Cuomo and his Department of Health requiring nursing homes and other assisted living facilities to accept recovering, but still coronavirus-positive, patients back through their doors at the height of the pandemic had deadly consequences.

“Although a determination of the number of additional nursing home deaths is beyond the capacity of the Task Force, there are credible reviews that suggest that the directive, for the approximately six weeks that it was in effect, did lead to some number of additional deaths,” the report reads, according to the Post.

The NYSBA also dismissed a prior report from the New York Department of Health that suggested its policy had little or no impact on COVID-related deaths in the state.

“The Department of Health issued a report in 2020 in which it argued unconvincingly that the admission of 6,326 COVID-positive residents during the period the Health directive was in effect had no impact. That cannot be the case, and has now been shown not to be the case,” the task force said, according to the Post.

In addition to the faulty policy, Cuomo is also taking flak over allegations that his administration actively worked to cover up the true number of deaths from the coronavirus disease in New York nursing homes.

No cause for celebration

For New Yorkers including Fox News’ Janice Dean, it all adds up to gross negligence (or worse) on the part of Cuomo — and he deserves to be ousted for it.

Dean hasn’t held back in her criticism of the Democrat governor, particularly since she experienced the deaths last year of multiple family members who had lived in New York’s assisted living facilities.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that admitting over 9,000 COVID patients into nursing homes for 46 days would increase the number of deaths, but if a report from the New York State Bar Association proves Gov. Andrew Cuomo lied and people died, so be it,” Dean wrote for Fox on Thursday.

She went on to complain about the governor’s nonchalant attitude in the wake of the pandemic despite his shortcomings. Cuomo even sanctioned a fireworks display in New York earlier this week “to mark the lifting of pandemic restrictions,” Dean said.

“But for thousands of New York families who lost loved ones in nursing homes last spring,” she added, “we won’t celebrate until the day Cuomo is officially out of office.”

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